An Open Letter to Pope Francis

Your Holiness, I entered the Catholic Church in the year 2000 as an Evangelical convert through Anglicanism, and I come from a family line of Protestants that stretches back 500 years to the days of Martin Luther and Henry VIII. Words cannot describe the joy I felt on the Easter Vigil of 2000, upon being... Continue Reading →

What I Haven’t Told You Yet

In a previous essay I relayed the personal difficulty the 2002 homosexual-abuse and paedophilia scandal brought upon my wife and I just a few years after our conversion to the Catholic Church. We nearly lost our Catholic faith over it, but we managed to survive. Others weren't so lucky. Here in the Bible Belt, I hear... Continue Reading →

#CatholicMeToo: Adopt a Parish

In addition to encouraging victims to tell their stories of minor sexual-abuse or adult sexual-harassment by Catholic clerics (Email stories to Church Militant), the #CatholicMeToo movement calls for the disruption of funds to Catholic bishops across the United States. Of course first on the list is funding for the USCCB. Never give a dime to... Continue Reading →

What If I Have A Good Bishop?

By now you've probably heard the news that faithful Catholics all across America are closing their pocket books to all diocesan money drives. I've mentioned it here on this blog and on my social media channels. In addition, other Catholic media outlets have also come out with a similar message. Even EWTN is now covering... Continue Reading →

Schism in the Catholic Church

While the title of this essay may be controversial, I think it reflects a certain reality currently unfolding before our eyes. I am not writing to "declare" a schism. I have no authority to do so, nor do I need to. The schism has already been declared by the words and actions of many others.... Continue Reading →

Rebirth of the Russian Empire

Throughout the 1990s, South Ossetians aggressively pushed for independence from the Republic of Georgia, ultimately seeking reunification with North Ossetia in Russia. Then on 12 November 2006, South Ossetia held a referendum which resulted in an overwhelming "yes" vote for independence from Georgia. In response both the Republic of Georgia, and the international community in... Continue Reading →

Married Priests & Priestesses?

The Vatican presented something important today, 8 June, at a press conference: the Preparatory Document for the upcoming 2019 Pan-Amazon Synod in which there is now talk about giving women some “type of official ministry” and of making “courageous” and inculturated proposals with regard to the Church’s “inclusive ministerial action.” One of the leading organiziers... Continue Reading →

When St. Patrick Weeps

What happened in Ireland is so terrible because of the implications behind it. In the United States, the American people never voted, en masse, to legalise abortion. Outside of the very liberal "blue" states, where politicians can't even get elected unless they're at least modestly pro-abortion, the vast majority of American states ("red" states in... Continue Reading →

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